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Fukuoka i3Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research
5-14 Kyudai Shinmachi, Nishi, Fukuoka 819-0388

TEL: +81-92-805-1850
FAX: +81-92-805-1851

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What's i<sup>3</sup>-OPERA

The Fukuoka Industry, Science & Technology Foundation (Fukuoka IST) opened “Fukuoka i3 Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research(i3-OPERA:i cube opera)" to promote industrialization of organic photonics and electronics including organic EL which is expected to become the core of future growth areas. (Opened on April 19, 2013) .

  • We will establish a coherent research/development system by bridging technologies from basic research to practical applications development of advanced materials in cooperation with the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research, Kyushu University (OPERA), Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT) and Kumamoto Institute for Photo-Electro Organics (Phoenics).
  • We will introduce a trial manufacturing line, evaluation equipment, etc., for manufacturing high-performance organic devices using substrates of a practical size that will lead to commercialization and will promote matching of company needs and seed the most advanced research to accelerate practical applications.
  • We will promote new entry of local companies to lead the development of an organic photonics and electronics industry and creation of venture companies.
  • We will utilize accumulated intellectual property rights to establish ourselves as an international R&D base in the future with a view toward global markets.