MEXT program

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology - Japan
Program for Building Regional Innovation Ecosystem

Theme: Building an “Organic-System Valley” in Fukuoka by transferring core technologies from Kyushu University(since November 2016)

Integrating advanced technologies and highly skilled caliber individuals into the ecosystem to form an Organic-System Valley in Fukuoka Prefecture, where new businesses with high values will participate in the global OLED market sustainably.

Management team

  • Our mission is to commercialize the frontier science outcomes from Kyushu University, which will be led by Fukuoka Prefecture. Using the regional infrastructure fostered through the growth of the semiconductor electronics industry, we aim to innovate, change paradigms, and create new value propositions in the organic photonics and electronics field.

    Prof. Ryuichi Hayashi
    Executive Program Director

  • The synergy of frontier science with applied research is the archetype of our value proposition. We aim to build an innovation hub, i.e., a high-quality ecosystem here in Fukuoka Prefecture, which is a technology-based and market-oriented business incubation matrix. Our door is always open to international and interdisciplinary collaborations. We look forward to a win–win partnership with you.

    Dr. Kentaro Harada
    Program Director