MEXT program

Kyulux and i3-opera collaborate to demonstrate a TADF-Fluorescence white OLED display at the 3rd International TADF Workshop

Kyulux demonstrated a white OLED display that uses an orange TADF emitter combined with a blue fluorescence emitter. The novel display was developed in collaboration with the Fukuoka i3 center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (i3-opera) for demonstration at the 3rd International TADF Workshop in late July. https://youtu.be/1A_h2jO6d54 The display was designed by i3-opera and Kyulux provided the orange TADF emitter. This demonstration successfully showed the commercial viability of a TADF-based white OLED display. Kyulux and the i3-OPERA will continue the collaboration to enhance the performance and the lifetime of this display. The next step in this project is use only TADF emitters including a blue TADF emitter.

The demonstration PMOLED display features a resolution of 256×64 and a brightness of 112 cd/m2. The display panel is 103.8×33.6 mm in size (active area 88.8×21.3) and the white color coordinate is CIE-x,y (0.31, 0.36). The current efficiency is 10 cd/A. Kyulux reports that the lifetime of the white OLED is 8,300 hours (LT50). The Japanese Program for Building Regional Innovation Ecosystems of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) supported i3-opera’s work on this project.