CVD Thin-Film Encapsulation

CVD Thin-Film Encapsulation

A variety of equipment is available at i3-opera, such as a high-performance vapor deposition system capable of combinatorial TEG fabrication combined with PE-CVD deposition continuously in vacuum.

Durability of CVD-encapsulated OLEDs can be examined under high temperature and high humidity conditions.

Property of SiN Thin-Film

  • Deposition temp.:60℃
  • Refractive index:1.89
  • Compressive stress: ~ -100 Mpa
  • WVTR:~ 2.0×10^(-5) g/m²/day (1,000 nm-thick)

※ 1)MA method using the gas/water vapor transmission rate analyzer by MORESCO Corp.

※ 2)Obtained from cooperation by Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL) at Yamagata University.

Evaluation of OLEDs encapsulated with SiN Thin-Film