Reproducibility of Device Performance

Reproducibility of Device Performance

A full-automated OLED VTE system is installed and customized, which ensures a high reproducibility of the device performance by eliminating the influence of contamination and human factors.

Full-automated OLED VTE system


Novel Crucible Design for Reproducible Deposition

We have developed a novel design VTE crucible that minimizes the run-to-run variation in the deposition thicknesses (within ±1 %) irrespective of the materials filling quantity. 

Run-to-run tooling factors for OLED materials

Reproducibility of Run-to-Run Device Performance

The high thickness reproducibility leads to a high run-to-run JVL reproducibility.

Upper figure:Before regularization

Lower figure:After regularization

Reproducibility of Run-to-Run Device Lifetime

The duration of organic/metal deposition for each run is accurately regularized by the automation, leading to a high reproducibility of the run-to-run  lifetime performance.

Upper figure:Pre-existing system(non-automation)

Lower figure:Full-automated system